A Pale Earth and a Paler Sky

A Pale Earth and a Paler Sky

Silver Gelatin Emulsion Printing on Ceramic

A two day experimental workshop exploring the minerals and origins of photography. In this workshop you will learn how to work with fired and unfired clay as an alternative material for photographic printing. Through the workshop you will explore the materiality of photography and consider the 2D and 3D nature of the analogue image, gain practical skills and expand your conceptual thinking. This workshop consists of collaborative and sensory-led exercises as well as darkroom time. You will prepare your own printing surfaces, consider the format and scale of the image, followed by producing black and white darkroom prints on clay.

Participants should bring their own 35mm black and white negatives to print from, all other materials and facilities will be provided. The workshop is limited to 8 participants to ensure there is enough time for individual guidance and a productive group dynamic.

Learner Level: Intermediate - Experienced

Intermediate - You have ample experience working in a Black and White Darkroom, can develop a roll of film (35mm, 120mm, 5x4”) and hand print photographs (on resin coated or fibre based paper) without guidance.

Experienced - You are confident and capable of working independently (unaided) in the black and white darkroom. You have copious experience developing film (35mm, 120mm, 4x5”) in both traditional and alternative ways, alongside a mastery of printing photographs (on both fibre based and resin coated paper) at a range of scales from 8x10 to 50x60”.

Facilitators: Lina Ivanova & Alexander Mourant
Price: £150 (2 day workshop)
Dates: 4th & 11th November 2023
Timings: 10am to 4pm
Address: Graveney School, Welham Road, SW17 9BU, London